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Prada Aoyama Epicentre Tokyo Modern Architecture

By Herzog & de Meuron, Prada’s crystalline Epicentre store in the Omotesando fashion area of Tokyo is designed like a three-dimensional display window. The prismatic form of the structure represents the maximum volume obtainable, taking into account the requisite distances from other buildings. The convex and concave curves of the glazing add a sensuous note that attracts people to this spatial sculpture. In conjunction with the horizontal floor slabs and the tubular cross-sections of the changing cabins, the rhomboid facade framework forms a rigid cage-like structure that can withstand even earthquakes. The aluminium supporting construction for the glazing consists of a diagonal post-and-rail system. In order to ensure an effective seal (despite the raking position of the members that results from the rhomboid articulation), the inner faces were additionally wet-sealed with silicone.

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